Mediterranean Cork

The Mediterranean, where we get our cork from, produces more than 80% of the cork harvested worldwide.  And while most of you will be familiar with its ability to stop you from getting into a bottle of wine, that's only the start when it comes to cork. 

Among its many uses (space craft heat shields being one!), cork has been used by cobblers for generations to improve temperature regulation and comfort (which makes it perfect for your Looms).

And that's not the end of it, cork is a completely natural and sustainable material with impressive sustainability credentials.  When the bark of the cork oak is harvested, the whole tree remains standing.  This enables cork trees to sequester plenty of carbon over their 300 year life span - about 14.7 tonnes per hectare per year.  In addition to this, cork forests also protect wildlife by providing habitats for many endangered animals including imperial eagles, the Iberian lynx and Barbary deer.

With such an impressive resume you can see why it's a no-brainer to use natural cork instead of an oil based alternative. 

We use it in the soles of your Looms to provide gentle yet malleable support for your feet.  It's suppleness will mean the cork soles will slowly mould to your feet over time – making your Looms uniquely yours.

Put your feet up and raise a glass to this carbon killing material!