Our Story

When it comes to slippers, most people want one thing.  Comfort.  Unfortunately, this comfort has always come at a cost - unforgivably UGGly slippers.  We were sick of this.  Why did they have to be so unfortunate looking?  Surely something better must exist.

So we began the search for slippers we’d want to be caught in.  Nothing cut the mustard.  So we decided to make some.  In doing this we had three guiding principles - comfort, aesthetics and sustainability.    

We searched high and low to find the finest, completely natural, materials the world has to offer.  We ended up with three of the best, and the combination results in unmatched comfort.

It all starts with our Australian shearling wool upper.  This natural fibre regulates temperature better than a thermostat and its natural odour fighting qualities will keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.

Natural cork has been used by cobblers for centuries and you’ll find that the more you wear your Looms, the comfier they’ll feel. That’s because over time our Mediterranean cork and wool felt base moulds to the shape of your foot – becoming uniquely yours.

To bottom it all off, our natural rubber, tapped straight from the tree provides a non-toxic, hard wearing sole.  Everyone seems to agree on at least one thing when they try a pair of looms on – they’re the most comfortable slippers they’ve ever worn.

Treat yourself to a pair.  Put your feet up.

Steve & Jen