Insanely comfortable slippers.

Mens and womens open back luxury woollen slippers
Grey mule slippers made with shearling wool for men and women

Slippers by nature. For you.

We searched high and low to find the materials for our luxury slippers, whether it was shearling wool from Australia, cork from the Mediterranean, or natural rubber from the Pacific, we were unrelenting in our search for the best.

What Everyone's Saying

"Looms are easily the best slippers I’ve ever owned. They are so comfortable and warm, without that stifling feeling you can get with most slippers. I genuinely look forward to the moment that I can put them on at the end of the day. Highly, highly recommend"


London, UK

"These are the best slippers I've ever owned. They are so comfortable I actually look forward to getting home to put them on. Can't recommend them enough!"


San Francisco, USA

"I wholeheartedly recommend these slippers! I’d been looking for a slipper that I could wear all day when working from home that wouldn’t develop the odour that you too often get from synthetic slippers. Looms woollen slippers have proven to be a revelation for me - they are a game changer - the ultimate slipper"


Austin, USA

Unmatched comfort without any compromise on style or ethics.

Black and grey mens and womens real wool slip on slippers
Grey womens mule slippers made with shearling wool